Foothills Equestrian Center

Student Show


Saturday, March 31, 2018
Rain date April 1. 2018



Periodically Foothills offers the opportunity for students to demonstrate their current progress, learn their strengths and explore the many benefits of a carefully constructed introductory competitive experience. Limited only to current Foothills students; group classes are formed to ensure that all students are challenged, yet not overwhelmed. Given the chance - all of our best and brightest riders will show mastery of horsemanship skills and see the direction for further progress toward their goals.


Students who do not own or lease their own horses will have the option of using a lesson horse they are familiar with and enables them to show their skills. Students may enter up to four classes per horse, including two over fences and two flat. No special equipment is needed. Students should wear their own helmets (schooling helmets are okay), safe foot ware, long pants, and a light colored shirt with collar and short or long sleeves. Show apparel if available is welcome. Fees are charged per class to cover the cost of hiring a judge and awards given to all who participate. Please fill out the bottom portion of this form linked below and return it to your instructor or put it in the payment box along with the required fees. Be sure to mark your check for horse show, or attach it to the entry form. Cash payments should be clearly labeled on a payment envelope. All fees will be held until 3/30, but no spot will be held without advance payment.