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Lessons are held year-round with each month containing 4 scheduled riding lessons. There are 4 holiday weeks (over the year) that have no regular riding lessons scheduled.    New students may start at any time of the year.  Usually students of any level begin with at least one private lesson to evaluate goals and levels.  Beginners or students returning to riding lessons after a long break may require from 3 to 6 private lessons in order to reach a basic proficiency and safety level in order for students to enroll in regular group lessons.  Exceptions to this policy are college riders who have attended an Open House or Recruitment and students who have satisfactorily completed one of our summer horsemanship camps or introductory clinics. 


Payment is expected in advance to hold a lesson spot.  Make ups for group or private riding lessons cancelled with 24 hours notice are allowed within 30 days of the missed lesson.


Group Riding Lessons 


Horsemanship instruction is taught in one hour groups of 3 to 6 riders with an emphasis on safety and understanding. On horseback, students are instructed using basic Balanced Seat style for correct posture, balance, communication with the horse.   On the ground, students learn to groom, lead, bridle, and saddle the horses they ride. Advanced groups may focus on specific topics and theory such as colt training, jumping, dressage and western. Lessons are taught during inclement weather in our spacious covered "indoor" arena. Safety and responsible care of the horse are always emphasized.


Private Lessons 

One hour lessons may be scheduled using our school master horses or with your own.  It is our policy to start all new students in at least one private riding lesson to assess level and structure a program customized to focus on each individual's goals and desires.  Topics may vary according to the student's goals and desires including, refresher riding lessons, basic horse training, groundwork, body work and more.

Beginners may require from 3 to 6 hours average to reach a level of safe control suitable to move into group instruction.

Private instruction is also an ideal way for you to participate in the progress of your own horse's training. 


Semi-Private Lesson

Lesson time is shared by two riders.  Please contact an instructor to receive approval for this option.

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