At the essence of Foothills is the connection between horses and humans. Just as important, is the connection between humans with shared common interests and priorities. Foothills is here to support the development of horsemen and the advancement of horsemanship allowing people the chance to learn and grow through this experience. Many people are part of our "Foothills Family" including friends, current and past students, clients and other professionals who share our view that horses are the greatest proof of God's love. Many of our "teams" are structured for a specific purpose with organizational constraints. Others are simply groups of folks who are working in a common area of endeavor.

Interscholastic Equestrian Association team

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The Foothills Equestrian Interscholastic teams provide youth an opportunity to compete regionally and nationally with other IEA teams.  This competition format is unique in it's team approach in equestrian sports.  Riders do not need to own their own horses to participate in competitions.  Each rider at a show is given an opportunity to demonstrate their equitation (rider skills judged) at their level from walk-trot up to open jumping, in either middle school age group or high school age group.  Awards are given to individuals and their points also accumulate for team recognition. Individual riders and teams may advance from regional shows through national levels depending upon their point accumulations.   IEA competition is held during the scholastic year. 

Open show team

Open to all riders at Foothills, of all ages and levels.  There are horse show opportunities available to all.  Competitors may own their own horses, lease a horse or show one of our dedicated high quality school horses.   Opportunities include schooling shows at our facility, local, 4-H, regional and higher level competitions of many types, in and around North Carolina.  Our show team regularly attends hunter and jumper competitions, events and horse trials, hunter paces and open breed and schooling shows.   Only current students are selected to represent Foothills on our show team.

Intercollegiate Dressage Teams

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Lenoir Rhyne Dressage team
Hunt Seat LRU
ASU ladies
Team ASU
Dressage blues

Intercollegiate dressage riding at Appalachian State University is a club sports as opposed to varsity sports. This means that students have greater control over the process.  Foothills is proud to host IHSA  IDA dressage riders for Appstate.  Riders who prove their dedication and ability are given the chance to compete and learn from a very unique system.  At Intercollegiate competitions riders' entry fees and coaches fees are paid by the clubs.  Riders may have out of pocket expenses to travel to the shows, although carpools are the norm.  There is no expense involved with horses as they are provided by the school hosting the show.  Coaches, along with advising students on their riding strategies, also have the crucial job of ensuring that students are given a "level playing field" and a fair opportunity to show their riding skills while protecting their team rider's safety and well being. Competing club members must train and practice with their coach. 

Drill Team